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If you want to text baby receiving messages from text4baby, text STOP to And a photo of the brothers posing with the couple and their son has gone viral. How Text4baby Works Registration is easy and can be done online here or from your cell phone. After texting mix-up, strangers come to visit couple with newborn March 23, Mark and Lindsey Lashley welcomed their first child, a son, on Saturday in Hot gay sex chat, and during all the excitement at the hospital they realized their family had included a wrong on a text message announcement about the birth.

And sure enough, Williams and his brother showed up at the hospital bearing gifts. Courtesy of Mark Lashley "My mom sent a group message and she attached my cousin's cell phonebut my cousin had yext herand that's how the wrong deal happened," Mark Lashley told TODAY.

Text4baby supports moms by providing accurate, text-length health information and resources texy a format that is personal and timely, using a channel she knows and uses. We just want to stay at home and get our son nestled in.

Mark and Lindsey Lashley with their new son. It was very nice of them.

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